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Ensure your business will survive you.

When you die, what will happen to your business? Will your partners work to keep it afloat? Will they absorb your profits?

At Ion Insurance, our Buy-Sell Insurance coverage can help keep your business afloat and your partners flush with profits. With most Buy-Sell agreements, the surviving partners are required to buy your shares and retain control. Buy-Sell insurance, then, works to provide the means of making that happen.

You can expect the following peace of mind from our buy-sell agreement:

Your Heirs

  • Are free of business worries and guaranteed to receive a fair price for the sale of the business interest.
  • May avoid some of the delays associated with probate.

Surviving Owners

  • Will not have to worry about new and possibly unwanted partners.
  • Know the purchase price of the business beforehand.
  • Remain in good standing with clients and creditors through a smooth transition of ownership. Simply put, a properly funded buy-sell agreement will benefit your family, surviving owners, and creditors.

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