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How to Keep Your Keys for Longer

As we start to age, the driving skills we once had will quickly diminish. In our mid-60’s and 70’s, crash rates begin to rise and only accelerate after the age of 75. We’ll soon be on our way to the day someone takes our keys away.

However, there is no reason to let this happen. By being proactive and taking the proper precautions, we will be able to extend our time on the road safely.

With that being said, what precautions should you take? Here are some tips from to help you keep your keys for longer.

  1. Vision 
  • Wear anti-glare sun and night vision glasses.
  • Add a larger rearview mirror to catch anything in your blind spots.
  • Avoid nighttime driving, if possible.
  • Keep the windshield, back window, mirrors and headlights clean.
  1. Hearing
  • Keep windows closed while driving, especially if you wear hearing aids.
  • Keep the car quiet to help you focus.
  • Look out for flashing lights that could be emergency vehicles or warnings.
  • Do visual scans often to make up for not hearing noises clearly.
  1. Memory
  • Plan your route ahead of time.
  • Use your GPS and set it to the “easiest route”.
  1. Cognition and Comprehension
  • Minimize distractions like cell phones, the radio and conversations while driving.
  • Try to avoid rush hour.
  • Leave a lot of distance between you and the vehicle in front of you.
  1. Medication Side Effects
  • Don’t drive if you feel any side effects from your medication. Call an Uber or friend to take you where you need to go.
  1. Sleep
  • Pull off the road and take a quick nap if you find your head bobbing or eyes closing.
  • Avoid driving after lunch. This is a low-energy period of the day.
  • Get a lane-drift safety feature for your car and stop driving if it goes off.

Being cautious while driving will not only save you and the others around you from being harmed, but will also help to keep auto insurance premiums down. To explore insurance options, give us a call at 800.801.8013.