Settle some of those wedding day jitters by insuring your special day with wedding insurance from Ion Insurance.

Most people don’t think twice about insuring a car or home, but what about wedding insurance? Your wedding day is arguably one of the most important days of your life – it only makes sense that you would want to guarantee that nothing goes wrong that can be avoided. What happens when you find out the bridal shop you ordered your custom-made dress from has closed taking your payment and gown just a few days before your wedding? Who is held responsible when you, your new husband, and your wedding guests show up for the reception only to find that the caterers had the wrong date?

What is the Wedding Protector Plan?

The Wedding Protector Plan is a wedding insurance policy that offers financial protection if certain unfortunate, unforeseen events occur during the period leading up to and including the wedding day.

Why is Ion Insurance selling wedding insurance?

We’re committed to developing innovative insurance solutions that stay in-sync with your ever-changing lives.

Today’s weddings have an average price tag of $27,000. Of course, brides are squarely focused on their special day—not on what can go wrong. Yet it’s all too common to lose a high-dollar deposit when a bridal dress shop suddenly closes or inclement weather causes the wedding to be postponed.

The Wedding Protector Plan offers a variety of coverages such as:

  • Cancellation or Postponement
  • Additional Expenses
  • Event Photographs/Video
  • Event Gifts
  • Special Attire
  • Special Jewelry
  • Lost Deposits
  • Liability Insurance
  • (optional endorsement)

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