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Fulfill all of your insurance needs with HUB International.

With HUB International you can expect:
  • Extensive industry experience and sound recommendations
  • Cost-effective insurance programs designed to meet your needs
  • Ongoing service and accessibility
  • Financially sound insurance carriers
  • Hassle-free insurance: One call does it all!
  • 24/7 access to your policies and insurance information via our customer portal or mobile app

Providing coverage for your high-value items

For nearly a century, HUB International has been the destination in Connecticut for everything insurance. We offer a slew of personal and commercial insurance lines policies customizable to fit your needs through our extensive network of insurance carriers. From your health to your wedding day, we provide the necessary coverage you want with excellent customer service you can trust. At HUB International, we strive to make sure you, your family, and your assets are all protected.

Let HUB International help you solve all of your insurance needs.

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