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Business can be unpredictable; protecting your assets shouldn’t be.

The goal of doing business is to maximize profit and minimize costs. To accomplish this, a business owner must make strategic choices that account for expected costs and the reinvestment of profits. To keep costs low, an affordable and comprehensive business insurance program can reduce the impact of unexpected losses.

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At HUB International, we understand the importance of having affordable, comprehensive business coverage in place – no matter how big or small the business. We can identify the needs of your business and provide more comprehensive and affordable business insurance solutions.

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Why You Need Business Insurance

Although we expect business operations to run smoothly, things can and do go wrong. Whether a natural disaster hits, an employee is injured or cyber criminals hack your data system, your insurance program can protect your assets.

The lack of business insurance or inadequate coverage can leave you responsible for property damage, workers’ compensation, liability claims and legal fees. The business could permanently close if you lack the right policies to support your recovery.

Keeping these potential risks in mind, a portfolio of business policies can assist with:

  • Meeting State Requirements: In nearly all states, businesses of a certain size must carry disability and workers’ compensation insurance. Without it, you could face fines, civil penalties, legal fees and may be blocked from public contracts.
  • Protecting Your Employees: Coverage helps you compensate employees for medical bills and lost wages due to on-the-job injuries.
  • Getting and Keeping Contracts: From the lease for your facility to loan agreements, business coverage concerning property damage and liabilities is frequently expected. Why squander your opportunities?
  • Attracting Qualified, High-Quality Employees: In today’s workforce, benefits such as health insurance are expected for full-time staff. Employees may also expect life and disability insurance coverage. Mechanics may also want their tools covered using Pro-TEC Tool and Equipment Coverage.

State regulations may determine basic insurance requirements. Commonly required policies are workers’ compensation, general liability and commercial auto insurance, but these may not be enough. Business insurance packages can include a combination of coverage types.

Types of Business Coverage

Business Management

No matter the industry, all businesses face some degree of risk. To protect your company from potentially devastating losses related to liability claims against your business, property damage and data breaches, you need comprehensive and affordable business insurance solutions.

Commercial Vehicle

Your business is your livelihood, so it stands to reason you should protect the vehicles that make doing business possible. Protect your fleet with specialized commercial auto insurance for commercial cars, tow trucks, semi-trucks, tractor trailers, box trucks, dump trucks, business vans, snow plows and more.

Specialty Insurance

For items not typically covered under general insurance policies – for instance, home insurance or a business owner’s policy – specialty insurance can be purchased. Whether you have a hobby that earns you extra income or you conduct business operations overseas, we offer unique coverages to protect your assets.