Ocean Marine Cargo

The open seas continue to be a major conduit for transporting massive amounts of goods.

Illustration Marine Cargo

Incidentally, they also happen to be rife with peril – everything from storms to mechanical failures to piracy can jeopardize the vessel, the crew, and the cargo.

Unfortunately, some business owners don’t realize the reality until it’s too late. Shipping carriers only cover a portion of the value per shipping unit. This amount is likely to fall significantly below the total cost of goods being transported, and you’d take a hard loss for the rest of your shipment.

At HUB International, we are pleased to offer Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance that can effectively underwrite specific risk concerns, including:

  • Warehousing
  • Processing Damage
  • International Transit
  • All Risks Coverage

To learn more about our Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance coverage – the rates and restrictions – feel free to speak to any of our dedicated agents today.

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