Specialty Insurance

Specialty Business Insurance

A business owners’ policy may not cover all your insurance needs.

Your business may have unique liability risks, which require insurance beyond the typical auto, business, life and health policies. Work with a HUB International agent to identify these special circumstances and put together a comprehensive insurance plan that covers all the bases.

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If you operate a business from home or use specialized equipment, your risks are not typically covered under a general business insurance policy. Depending on your industry, one or a combination of the following coverage types may encompass your specialty insurance plan.

Brewery Insurance

For breweries, taprooms and brewpub restaurants, insurance coverage is key to manage beer production and special events on premises. Develop a tailored insurance plan, including liquor liability, to protect your livelihood.

Cannabis Insurance

Cannabis-related businesses are considered high risk compared to more established industries. Protect your legal cannabis business with comprehensive coverage that goes beyond general commercial lines.

Contractor’s Tools & Equipment Insurance

Whether tools are used for real estate development, general contracting, excavation or roadwork, protect your equipment from potential damage and theft.

Home-Based Business Insurance

If you run business operations from home or have a hobby that earns you extra income, protect your physical assets, anticipate customer disputes and legal action with comprehensive home-based business insurance.

Inland Marine Insurance

If your business transports goods over land, protect movable assets and property from the potential risks.

International Insurance

Whether you outsource work or have employees who travel internationally on business, protect your venture with international healthcare coverage, professional liability and more.

Ocean Marine Cargo Insurance

If your business transports goods over the open seas, protect the vessel, crew and cargo with comprehensive insurance coverage.

Online Retailers Insurance

Retailers that operate solely online face unique risks. Anticipate the unexpected with comprehensive insurance coverage, specifically designed to protect your e-commerce company from potential losses.

Winery Insurance

For vineyard and wineries owners, insurance coverage protects all aspects of your business, including wine production, equipment management and liquor liability. Develop a comprehensive insurance package that suits your needs.

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