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Transportation is part of our everyday lives. Protect your mode of transit with comprehensive insurance coverage.

By law, vehicles must be insured. To protect your automobile, boat or off-road vehicle from potential accidents and subsequent damage, auto insurance comes into play. This coverage extends beyond your personal car or truck to RVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and other vehicles with inherent liability concerns.

To make sure your policy meets your state’s auto insurance requirements, work with a HUB International agent to cover all vehicles from liability claims, property damage and more.

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Antique Collectors

You’ve put a lot of time and money into restoring your collector car. Whether you plan to take it to shows or drive around town, help preserve it for years to come. Insurance coverage protects your investment in the event of a collision or theft.

Auto Insurance

You drive to work, run errands and take road trips in your car. Protect yourself and others on the road with comprehensive car insurance, including collision, bodily injury and property liability, uninsured motorist coverage and more.


Whether you ride your bike year-round or enjoy the occasional weekend trip, motorcycle insurance is a necessity. Protect your bike and continue making memories with the peace of mind your bike is insured. Personalized insurance plans can be developed for your specific needs.


If you like to have fun on your ATV, quad or four wheeler, protect your off-road vehicle with insurance against potential damage and theft. To ride on a state-managed four wheeler trail network, you’ll need insurance to ride your quad on state land.

Recreational Vehicle

Before you take the family on a cross-country round trip to see the sights, make sure you have adequate recreational vehicle insurance in place to protect against potential damage along the way.


When the snow is fresh, you love to take a snowmobile ride. Before the winter season rolls around, make sure your sled is insured against bodily and property damage with comprehensive collision coverage.


After a long winter season, you can’t wait to get your boat and jet skis out on the water. Before spring arrives, first make sure your investment is protected against the potential risks and losses of owning a watercraft.

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