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Purchase disability insurance at affordable rates.

The purpose of disability insurance is to protect a person’s biggest asset – their ability to go to work every day and earn a paycheck. If a person becomes sick or injured and is unable to go to work for a prolonged period of time, having disability insurance incorporated into their protection plan offers peace of mind they can still make payments and feed their family. 

Disability insurance should be the foundation of everyone’s financial plan. Without an income stream, it’s hard for a person to do anything. Considering there is a one in four chance of becoming disabled during one’s working years, you simply cannot afford to overlook protection for your income stream.

HUB International is pleased offer affordable Disability Insurance solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. We can:

  • Help secure monthly payments to safeguard your standard of living
  • Protect your financial future while providing excellent coverage
  • Adjust disability coverage to meet your changing needs

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Long Term Disability

States do not require employers to offer long-term disability insurance to employees, so make sure you are covered in the event a non-work-related injury puts you out of work for a significant amount of time. 

Short-Term Disability

In the event you are hurt while off the clock and your employer does not offer short-term disability insurance, have coverage in place to protect your ability to earn income while out of work.

Which coverage is right for you? What contingencies should you protect yourself against? How much is all this going to cost?

Imagine you are hurt and must take time off work. Does your employer provide disability insurance? Does it cover the length of time you may be out of work?

Your need for disability insurance may be greater than you realize; it’s not a responsibility you should put on your employer. Although by law, worker’s compensation is required for your employer, disability insurance is not required in every state. Currently, there are no state laws that require employers to provide you with long-term disability insurance.

If your employer does not provide enough or any disability insurance, HUB International has many comprehensive options to best suit your needs. Disability insurance policies basically provide replacement income for you during the time you are unable to work.

Disability insurance typically replaces 60-70% of your income during the time in which you are unable to work and/or perform the duties defined by your employment. 

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