HUB International can help you prepare for the future with a life insurance policy.

Planning for the unpredictable future can be difficult. You should be spending more time enjoying life, not stressing over life insurance options. Our agents can help simplify the process of selecting a customized life insurance policy.

Our dedicated team understands the Connecticut life insurance market, regulations and can find the right plan for your specific needs.

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Child Life

From an early age, protect your child’s future with a child life insurance policy. Having a safeguard in place with great benefits ensures the child is covered in a medical emergency or other perilous event.

Long-Term Care

Healthcare providers do not pay for long-term care and related services. Put affordable coverage in place now, so you can have peace of mind your nest egg is protected as you grow older.

Term Life

If you’re looking for an affordable life insurance option, term life insurance allows you to obtain coverage for a specified period of time.

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Universal Life

If you anticipate making changes to your coverage, a universal life insurance policy is the most flexible choice. For instance, you can reduce or increase your death benefit and change the amount or frequency of payments.

Whole Life

This type of policy covers you for as long as you live, so it’s most beneficial to buy at an early age. Whole life insurance is also an appropriate option to anticipate long-term responsibilities, such as the premature death of a spouse.

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