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Specialty Coverage to meet the unique needs of Connecticut residents.

When you need insurance beyond your basic Auto, Business, Life, Health and Home coverage, we can help!

Specialty Coverage protects your special items that are not otherwise protected by the major policies. Whether you have a collection of valuable items or plan to organize a special event with third-party vendors, make sure you’re covered in the event of loss, theft and liability concerns.  

The last thing you want is for a unique and treasured item to be stolen or irreparably damaged but insurance offers peace of mind your investment is covered. We offer four types of specialty insurance to ensure your most valued items are protected.

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A typical homeowners policy has limits on coverage for valuables like jewelry. Also known as Valuable Items Coverage, this policy covers you in the event of loss, theft or fire damage. Protect your family’s heirloom pieces, fine art and more.

Mechanics Tools

Unfortunately, mechanics tools and equipment coverage is not offered to people in the trade profession. Protect the materials that make doing business possible with our one-of-a-kind coverage, starting at just $375 a year!

Special Events

Whether you are hosting a corporate event or working as a vendor at an antique show, special events insurance is a necessity to protect against potential liability claims. Coverage for banquets, weddings, sporting events, conventions, galas, job fairs and more.

TrustedPals Pet Insurance

Insurance for your pet includes accident and illness protection, a wellness plan for treatments by a licensed vet and covers related examinations. Get a quote in minutes through our partnership with TrustedPals.


Combine your personal policies to protect yourself and your family, no matter what. In the event an accident or medical emergency claim exceeds the liability limits of your individual coverage, an umbrella policy makes up the difference so you’re protected.

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