Are you one of the estimated 85 million pet owners in the country?

According to the National Pet Owners Survey, nearly 70 percent of American households have a pet. Many of us consider our dog or cat to be more than a friendly animal but a real member of the family!

Just as we protect our human loved ones with insurance coverage, why not safeguard your four-legged friend? HUB International offers comprehensive and affordable Pet Insurance through our partnership with TrustedPals.

Insurance for Every Breed

Pet insurance covers accidents and illnesses, including any associated tests and exams, behavioral training, therapies and medicines prescribed by a vet. TrustedPals’ Wellness Plan also gives pet owners $750 a year to spend on treatments recommended by a licensed vet, including preventative dental. Pet insurance is available for all dog and cat breeds over 8 weeks old.

Get Coverage Now

Some benefits of choosing our program from TrustedPals include:

Illustration of woman walking dog
  • Annual limits, reimbursements and deductibles for every budget
  • Freedom to seek treatment from the licensed vet of your choice
  • Quick and easy claims submission process – 5 minutes or less from your smartphone!
  • Free pet tag with a special code that can be used to let you know your pet has been found in the event he or she goes missing
  • 1% of all profits are donated to help homeless pets after a natural disaster

Our affordable pet insurance does not cut corners on quality. By working with an agent, you’ll get the most out of your coverage and learn how to maximize its benefits.

With other plans, claims may be particularly challenging. Our process involves 4 easy steps:

  1. After an appointment, pay your vet as normal.
  2. Obtain a digital copy of your bill, along with proof of payment.
  3. File your claim online by answering a few easy questions and uploading your documents.
  4. Expect to get a response within 10 working days!

Life can be unpredictable – even for our pets. Anticipate potential accidents or illnesses with the best pet insurance coverage.

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