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There are no state laws that require employers to provide long term disability insurance: Are you covered?

Although some states do require that employers provide short term disability insurance, none of them require long term coverage. Should you be injured or have a medical issue that requires you to be out of work on a long term basis, you could find yourself without any income replacement. Your employer is not responsible for providing you with long term disability insurance; it is your responsibility to cover yourself. Can you afford to be without your income for that long?

Connecticut long term disability insurance can help replace anywhere from 60-70% of your income, as with short term disability insurance. However, long term disability can cover an expanded period of time. Not every injury or health issue that causes you to miss work is short term, and at HUB International, we understand that. We can create comprehensive Connecticut long term disability insurance lines that cover you for the entire period of time you have to miss work and/or cannot perform the duties defined by your employment.

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