Heavy Equipment & Truck Repair

Heavy Equipment & Truck Repair

If you operate a heavy equipment repair shop, you need insurance to protect your business, employees and machinery.

Just like every other business, you need to protect your building and contents from fire, theft or other natural disasters that can strike. You also need to be sure that damage to your customer’s equipment, left with you for repair, is covered. As a safeguard against these potential risks, learn more about our Heavy Equipment & Truck Repair Insurance.

Heavy Machinery Repair Business

Heavy equipment repair is not a job for just anyone to perform. Large-scale restorations, such as replacing transmission components, come with a certain degree of risk and may require specialized tools, education and professional experience.

Customers are relying on you to repair their expensive machinery in a timely fashion. If your business suffers a loss and has to temporarily close, profits are negatively affected.

Depending on the length of the closure, you could permanently lose the customers that make doing business possible.

Insurance Coverage Options

Heavy Equipment & Truck Repair coverage helps protect the business you have worked so hard to build. At HUB International, our comprehensive and affordable policies are designed to keep you doing what you do best – repairing heavy equipment to optimal condition.

Work with our experienced agents to develop a plan that meets the needs of your evolving business, including Garagekeepers Coverage, Auto Liability, Building, Contents and Workers’ Compensation.

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