Directors and Officers

The success of a company or organization always boils down to the talent and expertise of its directors and senior officers.

Character illustration of a Business Man and Woman

Though a talented workforce is essential, without the proper guidance all that talent will be for naught. In the eyes of the public, and more importantly in the eyes of investors and shareholders, it is the directors and officers that bear the ultimate responsibility for success or failure.

Who Needs D&O Insurance?

It’s a common misconception that only large corporations with a multi-level executive team and extensive shareholder network benefit from D&O insurance. The reality is, D&O can be a lifesaver for businesses of all types and sizes with more than one director, including:

  • For-profit entities
  • Nonprofits
  • Private firms
  • Educational institutions
  • Small- and medium-sized businesses with a corporate board or advisory committee

HUB International understands the concerns of corporate entities and their shareholders. Consequently, our Directors & Officers insurance can be tailored to address a number of concerns, among them:

  • Wrongful Acts
  • Lawsuit Damages
  • Legal Fees
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