Auto Recyclers & Dismantlers Insurance

Over the years, auto recycling and dismantling has become a very profitable business. As a business owner, you work hard day in and day out to make your company a success; you don’t own a traditional junkyard. Vehicle recyclers who own a salvage yard, scrap metal operation or any other modern auto dismantling operation in Connecticut need insurance.

graphic of auto recycling

This line of work comes with unique risks for your employees and property. Use of dangerous equipment like cranes must be covered for potential damage. HUB International offers comprehensive insurance options for this evolving industry.

Key Benefits of Our Coverage

  • Affordable and flexible coverage including:
    • Equipment Coverage for scheduled items
    • General Liability
    • Commercial Auto Liability
    • Building and Contents
  • Talented and knowledgeable staff to manage the program for you
  • Provided by an agency ranked in the Top 50 in the US by Central Mutual Insurance

The amount of coverage you need may depend on the size and scope of your business, security of your lot, etc. No matter how large or small , it’s essential your business is insured to set yourself apart from the unlicensed, inexperienced competition. If you are in the business of efficient recycling or vehicle disposal, work with a HUB International agent to ensure your business is protected.

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