Tips for Using an RV Park

In a recreational vehicle, you have the freedom to travel the open roads with access to the modest comforts of home. When you make the decision not to stay in a hotel, RV parks can be your best bet for a good night’s sleep. Yet you’re not always guaranteed a spot, so it’s important to know general park rules before you go. Here’s what else you should know.

Make Reservations

Do your research beforehand and call ahead to reserve your spot to avoid arriving at a full park. Keep in mind:

  • Potential restrictions on vehicles. Campsites may exclude larger Class A RVs or any vehicle older than 10 years.
  • You will pay a fee, in addition to a child tax if you have children coming along.
  • You’ll typically be expected to show proof of insurance.
  • For a quieter experience, look at campgrounds outside of a city.

Understand Park Etiquette

Each RV park may have its own posted rules but there is general etiquette to follow in terms of being polite and considerate of others:

  • Be mindful of your noise level and respect the park’s designated quiet hours.
  • Respect the space of others – never travel through someone else’s campsite.
  • Drive slow and look out for people and animals as you travel around the park.
  • Pick up after yourself while using and before leaving the park.
  • Keep any pets on a leash at all times, rather than letting them roam free in the park.
  • Never burn your garbage. Bag all refuse and take it to the appropriate receptacle.
  • Check your RV’s tank and hoses to ensure wastewater isn’t leaking onto the ground.
  • Make sure your RV’s curtains and blinds are drawn, so other guests can’t see inside.

Know What to Do at the Dump Station

RV owners can safely empty their wastewater at dump stations. If this is your first season, practice emptying your tanks, so you know what to do at the park’s dump station. Make sure you have all supplies easily accessible and a plan to quickly clean up after yourself.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

As many travelers may spend a few days or more at an RV park, get to know your neighbors.

RV parks tend to become small communities and a little bit of conversation can go a long way with likeminded people!

Properly Leave Your Site

Another group in an RV will be using the site shortly after you leave. As you prepare to head out on the road again, make sure you leave by your designated checkout time. Otherwise, you may be facing a fee, unless you request an extension.

Another factor of RV park etiquette, make sure your area is fully clean. Take all belongings with you and dispose of any trash.

As you plan your summer journey, it’s important to have sufficient insurance coverage for your RV and its contents. To discuss policy options, contact us today.