CT Senate Tries to Keep ACA-Level Coverage

Under the proposed American Health Care Act (AHCA), the number of individuals who would lose coverage is a serious concern. Although this has not been addressed at the federal level, certain states – including Connecticut – are making attempts to keep Affordable Care Act (ACA)-level coverage available.
According to reports from the CT Mirror, the state senate voted in early June to take out an insurance policy that would continue to extend certain coverages to women and children. These would include childhood immunizations, contraceptives and various women’s health services, such as family planning, screenings for breast cancer, STDs, osteoporosis, prenatal care and counseling. This measure would ensure women and children can still access basic care, even if their insurance carrier won’t cover the condition or treatment.
The bill has made it to the state House of Representatives, however one proposed amendment has caused controversy. This measure would offer a 30-day window for uninsured pregnant women to purchase individual coverage outside of the open enrollment period. Essentially, pregnancy would now be included on the list of qualifying events.
Yet, Gov. Malloy and some insurance companies believe this would be too great of a burden. Furthermore, Gov. Malloy voiced his concerns about insurers like Aetna leaving the state and other providers refusing to provide coverage in Connecticut over this measure.
The state Department of Insurance also thinks the bill, while potentially necessary, should wait until the ACA’s fate is defined. Insurers further say the amendment is unnecessary, as they claim to already provide state-mandated coverage.
Being unable to purchase exchange coverage will leave many people without health insurance. If you’re concerned about the future and would like to explore other coverage options, reach out to Ion Insurance today. To learn more, give us a call at 203.729.5261.