Great Superbowl Menu - Tradition with a Twist - Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

Tomorrow is Super Sunday and making great finger food to eat during the game and, oh yes, the commercials is part of the fun.
How about “Buffalo Chicken Meatballs”?
My brother-in-law, Steve Dunn, publishes a food blog (Oui, Chef)  and posted the recipe for these great treats last year.  Steve didn’t publish the blog until after the game because his beloved, and mine, Patriots were absent from the Super Bowl in 2013 just like they are this year.  However, the recipe for these delicious meatballs is at the end of the link at the bottom of this page for you to enjoy during the game this year between the Broncos and Seahawks.
Just like the game in New Jersey, no tailgating when watching the game from home…..hmmmm
So, if you aren’t tailgating then make sure that life on the couch has some aspects of game day fun in the parking lot allowed at all other NFL football games played at The Meadowlands.  Buffalo Meatballs on a stick along with a cold beer and the TV up loud are sure to give you flashbacks to your favorite tailgate.   I recommend the football catch and especially the call to “go long” for the pass should still be done outside though.
What Steve said on his blog: These little monsters are like buffalo wings without all the mess, and as such make a terrific treat to share when your messiest friends pop over for game day……
Now, I’m confident I fall into the “messiest friends” category, though a minor player compared to my four teenage son’s and their friends.  Be sure to supply only small plates so that everyone gets to try the meatballs before the boys come back for seconds and thirds.
Look at this meatball on a stick dipped into the blue cheese that all foods that start with “Buffalo” must have at the ready.  If you are addicted to anything “Buffalo” like I am then add these delicious and easy meatballs to your Super Sunday Party.  For the full recipe and further details follow the link below:
Enjoy the time with your family and friends!