Odd Insurance


You may have been scared at one
point or another of an in home alien abduction. Well if so you may be eligible for
coverage! Here is a list of the 5 oddest types of insurance provided by:

Kidnap Ransom Extortion Insurance

If you work
at a high-profile company and your employer has deemed you to be a very
valuable part of the business, you may already be covered by some type of
kidnapping or ransom insurance. These insurance plans are designed specifically
for corporations and individuals who want to manage the costs associated with a
kidnapping or ransom situation. Claims would cover the costs associated with a
crisis situation and may even provide funds for the ransom required by the


Planning a big
wedding? Many weddings cost well into the five-figure range and the
couple-to-be may benefit from some type of wedding insurance package. Wedding
insurance can protect some of the nonrefundable expenses associated with the
Big Day, including cancellations from an accident or severe weather, bankruptcy
of the wedding event planner or other unforeseen circumstances. Some companies
also offer wedding liability insurance options.

Abduction Insurance

Designed for
people who are worried they may be abducted by aliens and UFOs, this insurance
policy is available from several private insurance providers and most are open
to most people and protects one’s assets in the event of abduction. Some
companies also offer coverage for an alien pregnancy and death caused by


Body Parts Insurance

Models and
celebrities famous for a certain body part are usually eligible for body parts
insurance. Their agents or entertainment company typically purchases this type
of insurance to ensure the star can recover from any injuries or damage to
their most-coveted body parts in the event of a serious accident. For example,
actress America Ferrera had her smile insured for $10 million.


If you’re a
competitive golfer or a diehard golfing enthusiast, you might consider a
specialized golfers’ insurance policy that includes coverage in the event of an
accident on the golf course, accidental breakage of clubs and even club
subscription fees if you’re unable to play because of an injury or accident.
Some insurance providers also offer “hole-in-one” coverage with a
reimbursement for hospitality costs within 30 days of scoring your hole-in-one.

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