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Commercial Truck Insurance

In the American workforce, there are more than 3.5 million commercial truck drivers bringing goods from one location to another. These professionals are certified with a special license called a CDL (commercial driver’s license). As a business owner, have you thought about the potential risks that face your company and its employees? If you own a commercial trucking business, it’s important to have adequate coverage for all facets of your trucking operation.

Commercial Trucking Illustration

At Ion Insurance, we provide specialized coverage for the companies who employ these hardworking truckers. Protect your fleet of 18-wheelers with personalized insurance that suits the needs of your trucking business.

Key Benefits of Our Coverage

  • A unique product & experienced staff to manage it
    • Auto Liability and Physical Damage.
    • General Liability
    • Umbrella Liability
    • Spill & Pollution Liability
    • Cargo Insurance
    • Workers Compensation
  • Through Central Mutual Insurance, we are a top 50 insurance agency in the country
  • Our insurance agents are relationship-based
  • If you qualify, additional coverages may be available to you:
    • Truckers Loss of Income
    • Trucker Rental Reimbursement Coverage
    • We also offer the MCS-90 endorsement that can be added to your business’s auto liability policy. When you are a Motor Carrier for Hire, the MCS-90 endorsement ensures that federally mandated coverage is in place for bodily injury, property damage, environmental restoration, etc. – in the event of an accident

Your group of commercial truck drivers deserves a comprehensive insurance plan to cover the many obstacles of their profession. Contact us today for a trucker’s insurance quote.

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