Contractors General Liability Insurance

Contractors General Liability Insurance
If you are a contractor then you need to make sure you have contractor’s general liability insurance. No matter what type of contractor you are you need insurance because of the costs that acquire from disaster can often be very expensive. The accidents can involve employees, clients and even people passing by. Also, any mistakes made by an employee are covered under this insurance as well.
How it works is contractors normally purchase general liability insurance before starting their job. You pay the premiums regularly and immediately after an incident you call your insurance agent and file a claim.Give all the information you have and they submit the claim and the investigation begins.
The purpose of the insurance is to keep the operators and owners of companies guarded from any claim which can include:

  • Contractual liability
  • Products made by the insured
  • Liability from accidents
  • Liability caused by a worker employed by the contractor

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