Halloween Safety Tips for Your Kids

Halloween is right around the corner, and this is very exciting for children.  Between carving pumpkins, wearing costumes, and trick or treating, Halloween is a fun time for you and your kids.  In order to have fun though, you need to make sure your children remain safe.
Going out trick or treating on Halloween night is something kids look forward to every year.  They all have fun dressing up in their costumes, getting candy, and of course eating it.  But before any of these fun activities can happen, you need to check that your children will be safe.  Since you go out trick or treating at night, it would be smart to have your kids wear a bright colored costume if possible so they can be seen.  Along with wearing a bright colored costume, it would be a great idea to put some reflective tape on their candy bags, and have them walk around with a flashlight.
A safe and fun way to go trick or treating that I used as a kid was to go to areas that I knew.  This was great because people knew me and would look out for me, and certain houses would hand out extra candy.  That was always the best thing as a kid.  Some planning you can do as a parent is to drive around at night before Halloween in the area that your children will be trick or treating to check for street lights and to make sure it looks like a safe environment.  Being a responsible parent and being cautious will help ensure your kids will have a fun Halloween.
Before your kids go out for the night, depending on their age, there may be a few more things to check for.  If your child is older and has a cell phone, make sure it is fully charged and they know how to use it.  Also, make sure that you know who they’re going with (if with friends), and where they will be.  If your children are younger, never let them go out alone.  It would be a good idea as a parent to walk up to the house with them and avoid any homes that are not lit up.   Going out on Halloween with your child can be fun for both of you.
If you are not taking your child out to trick or treat, there are still some safety precautions you can take as an adult.  If you have to drive anywhere on Halloween night, be aware that peak trick or treating hours are usually 5:30 – 9:30 pm.  If you happen to be out during this time frame, please take extra caution in watching out for any children.  It would be smart to turn on your headlights earlier and be more aware of any kids that may be near the curb or crossing the street.
As a parent, it is your responsibility to keep your children safe, and doing so on Halloween will allow them to have a great time.  Kids look forward to Halloween because they can dress up and eat candy, but in order to enjoy it, there must be precautions taken.  If you follow these tips, both you and your child will enjoy Halloween this year.
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