National Safety Month

June is national safety month so gear up for some information regarding keeping your self safe through insurance.

Homeowners- You can protect the safety of your family by guaranteeing compensation in the event of a loss of your house. You are able to have peace of mind knowing you will not be out of luck if some disaster should strike.

Auto- you can be sure that in the event of a motor vehicle accident you are financially stable to afford healthcare and vehicle repair costs not only for yourself but, in the event the accident is your fault, for the other individual/individuals.

Life- you can provide financial compensation to create security in your families financial future in the event of a loss.

health-  one is able to receive medical treatment for their own well being, this will be paid for largely by the insurance company.

Wedding- in-case your perfect day is compromised by some unknown event.

Workers’ Compensation- to protect your monetary income.

Many other forms exist to guarantee financial safety in the event of a travesty.

Insurance is a back up if your safety has been compromised and you need financial compensation to deal with it. Cover yourself for what you are at risk for; be careful in life without over dramatizing situations to when you are too cautious. Call Ion Insurance for any insurance questions at 203.439.2815.