When the Long Weekend Turns into the Wrong Weekend

When the LongWeekend Turns into the Wrong Weekend

Statistically speaking, the number of thefts is higher during holiday weekends. GUESS HOLIDAY SPIRIT IS DEAD!

Security system: $300, Guard dog: $5000, peace of mind:priceless

 Here are some measures you should take to ensure that when you go away for a holiday break YOUR HOME IS SAFE.

  •          Ask local law enforcement to routinely check your residence.
  •          Ask neighborsto take a peek once and awhile
  •          Avoid leaving packages and mailoutside, have someone bring it in for you
  •          Avoid having loaded trailers sitwithout attendance over the weekend.
  •          Make sure your alarms, security systems, and surveillance is turned on
  •          Lock all windows and doors and DON’T LEAVE THE KEY UNDER THE MAT, NOT A GOOD PLACE!
  •          Make sure all your lights,generators, etc. are in good working order
  •       Secure your home as well as your business
  •        Have proper Connecticut insurance (see below)

 If you see something says something, if suspicious activity is taking place call the police. This will give you the most priceless gift of all: PEACE OF MIND.

 AND in case of an unfortunate break in make sure you’re covered.

For you:

Connecticut car insurance -protectionin case something should happen to one of your personal vehicles while you areaway

Connecticut homeowners insurance -protect your house in case of a break in or another mishap

IMPORTANT: We can not prevent break ins from happening but we can provide you with the peace of mind to know that your covered, Here at Drescher’s insurance. CALL AN AGENT TODAY 203.439.2815