Insurance Misconception Number 1

Apparently a lot of people think they do not need insurance for natural disaster such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, etc.  Well this is just not true and here is why:

Your homeowners policy may only cover things like water damage, or fire damage; but what if an earthquake strikes and your home is destroyed. Your house is not protected against earthquakes in your homeowners policy therefore you lose your house without recovering a single dime.
Just make sure you know where you live, and what you are prone to, obviously do not get flood insurance if you live in the middle of Death valley.  Evaluate your own situation what may happen to you and then GET COVERAGE FOR IT! Odds are if you buy a house in Tornado alley you will experience a tornado, or if you have beach front property get flood insurance. It is as simple as knowing your surroundings then calling your insurance provider to see what you can get as far as coverage goes.
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An easy way to test and see what you are prone to is to look it up, Google your location name and risks associated with that location. If the risk is low you do not need to obtain insurance for this disaster unless you really want to, but who wants to spend money they do not have to?

Lastly do not wait until right before a storm strikes because you will not get a policy at that point in time. Insurance companies are not stupid they monitor storms to make sure people are not getting coverage for an inevitable storm just before it strikes.