National Grilling Month

Throughout the years all of us have either attended, thrown, or been invited to attend a cookout party. July is considered national grilling month and you should celebrate accordingly! So go out and grill, make sure the food you eat has charcoal lines and plenty of summer seasoning!
This is a great time to call neighbors, family, and friends alike to join you in a day of corn-hole, Frisbee, and of course grilling. But as long as we are on the topic of grilling let us discuss some issues involved with your grill. Now I cannot cater specifically to every make and model but I can certainly cover the basics.
We all know that a grill gets hot when it is turned on, this is good for killing contaminets in your food and making it taste better. However, being as hot as a grill can be a fire hazard now comes into play. Here is waht you can do to prevent a fire:
-make sure to keep all flammable material away
-never put your face or any limb over the grill, let the spatula or tongs do that
-safely turn on your gas source as to prevent hazards from occuring
-DO NOT leave the grill unattended
-keep small children and pets away
-keep your grill an ample distance from your house
-clean grease and fat off your grill when it builds up
And you know that this was coming; MAKE SURE YOU HAVE INSURANCE IN CASE OF FIRE DAMAGE!