Take a Trip

One perk of your job may include the chance to travel for work. But where does traveling leave you with coverage? What would happen if you had something stolen? Needed medical attention? Lost a valuable personal possession? Well let us answer that.
Obviously you are covered as an employer during your business trip but many do choose to stay after to explore the area or fly their family out to stay with them. In this case it is important to check with your own insurance provider on what you may have for coverage. You may either:
-not have it even on yourself after the business end of the trip is up
-not have it on your dependents
-have it on you and not your dependents
-have it on everyone
It is important to call your local provider to see what you have regarding insurance coverage when you travel. For questions, comments, or concerns call 203.439.2815 or go to www.ioninsurance.com