You don’t need to Pack your Coverage to Bring it with you!

You don’t need to Pack your Coverage
to Bring it with you!

We all know
companies have been and continue to expand overseas. Just because you leave
your home does not mean you have to leave your coverage. Many issues that seem
simple and quite idiotic in domestic territory may become complicated issues in
far-off territory. There is in fact Connecticut Insurance to cover some of
these issues. For example if you are kidnapped and held for ransom your company
potentially has coverage for the insurance company to pay that ransom to assure
your safety. SOUND CRAZY? Well just in Mexico 72 people are kidnapped daily! Don’t
leave yourself without coverage when traveling to foreign destinations; you
will regret it. If not anything it will give you peace of mind.

Other risks
are also prevalent such as:

Foreign diseases; you may not be able to find a
translator to help, a medical facility, etc.

Motor vehicle accident; run into someone in a foreign
country without insurance

Medical issues; broken bones, accidents, etc

Most workers
policies will provide workers who leave the country to a minimal
extent. The coverage may not be enough! You should look into obtaining a
voluntary workers’ comp policy
In addition to medical benefits and wage
continuation this policy can cover the cost of arranging medical care or
treating a sick or injured employee. Additionally the policy also covers sickness
from foreign illness.

Another benefit for employers is that any
losses occurring outside the United States would not affect the company’s U.S.
workers’ comp experience modification.

employees are often concerned about potential health or safety risks if they go
on international business trips or accept overseas appointments. Foreign
voluntary workers’ comp insurance,
coupled with a business travel accident
, can alleviate those concerns while providing important benefits and
protecting employees traveling internationally.

Call an agent today to look into additional
coverage if you are traveling overseas or to a foreign destination at

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