Watch the Gaps

A multitude of business owners believe in the event of a loss, through cyber space, that they will be covered through:

·        Medialiability

Directorsand officers liability policy


They are potentially wrong and right in believing this. Although potentially you might be partially covered there is a risk for gaps in your insurance. Most insurance policies do not cover 1st party exposures such as notification costs. You may end up taking a heavy load of the costs for forensic investigation and other means of fixing the problem. For example stored data is intangible therefore it will not be covered under tangible items in your liability policy; the average cost is $214 per breached account leaving your business with a huge payment if not covered properly.

If you would like to make a change to your CT Insurance, or review your current policy call an agent today at 203.439.2815; we will fix the gaps and ensure that you are covered to a comfortable point. Don’t let a cyber theft take anything from you, especially your peace of mind; obtain coverage today!