What is Insurance

What is Insurance? Some of you may wonder why you need insurance?
is basically a back up, in case all else fails to know that your
financially set. Insurance can be compared to a net on a trampoline. You
do not use it alot, but when you do you’re glad it is there.

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Health Care Reform Guide for Small Employers

Health Care Reform Guide for Small Employers
Anthem has provided us with an excellent brochure to better help small employers manage their Connecticut Health Insurance during this time of change.  Below is the brochure’s introductory paragraph and a link to complete document:

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Teen Driver Discounts

If you have a teen behind the wheel it may be expensive to make sure there covered. You may spend hours pondering the fact of why it costs so much if you’re only covering liability! Insurance is run on statistics and statistically speaking your teen is likely to have an accident in their first year of driving.

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National Prepardness Mont

September is National Preparedness Month and FEMA invites you to join the National Preparedness Community and download the 2013 National Preparedness Month Toolkit.
The National Preparedness Community is where more than 29,000 people connect and collaborate on emergency preparedness. You can use the community and the Toolkit to empower yourself to prepare and coordinate preparedness activities with your family, neighbors, and those with whom you worship during National Preparedness Month.

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Watch the Gaps

A multitude of business owners believe in the event of a loss, through cyber space, that they will be covered through:

·         Media liability

·         Directors and officers liability policy

·         General liability

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