Watch the Gaps

A multitude of business owners believe in the event of a loss, through cyber space, that they will be covered through:

·         Media liability

·         Directors and officers liability policy

·         General liability

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College Coverage

As we approach the upcoming school year there are a few things we must keep in mind. Many parents of college students will spend hefty sums on books, computers, dorm equipment, and other necessities in the college world. But WHAT IF SOMETHING SHOULD HAPPEN?!

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Know your Coverage

For a lot of Americans dealing with this new health legislation is troubling. This is a chart of typical items covered by Health insurance. If you do not have Connecticut Health insurance call an agent today at 203.439.2815. We’ll help you out and answer all your questions. *Image provided by:

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They Steal More than Just Your Identity

Identity theft has reached an all time high within recent years. This is do to new ways of

  • ·         Collecting
  • ·         Stealing
  • ·         Storing
  • ·         Sharing

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When Your Homeowner Insurance Is Not Enough

Consider this startling fact: in 2007, 66 percent of U.S. homeowners were under insured by an average of 18 percent. This means that if these residences were completely obliterated, the homeowners would not have enough insurance to replace their loss.

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