Distracted Driving-Stop Now

Distracted Driving-Stop Now

Over 3,000 deaths and 500,000 injuries EACH YEAR result from vehicle accidents caused by distracted driving. Many drivers’ courses are offered to young and older drivers to teach how to correctly drive without distractions. Distracted driving has resulted in the law not allowing teen drivers to have passengers in their car until at least six months for family and one year for friends. Distracted driving creates a diversion from the central task you’re trying to focus on. It in a sense is much like multitasking; each task is getting done below average. When you’re driving you want to have full focus to assure your safety and the safety of those around you.

Connecticut car insurance rates do generally go up if you are involved in a crash. The rate risk also applies to Commercial Auto Insurance.   Driving safely involves being focused on the task of driving with your full attention. This will help you to avoid crashes and higher rates.
A number of factors can distract a driver from driving. One of which is the use of a cell phone. A hands free device may be used in replacement to ensure you don’t get a ticket. However if talking on the phone can wait, LET IT! A 5 minute phone call is not worth a crash which will take up more time, potentially cost you thousands of dollars, and risk injuries.  

Additionally having passengers in your car when you are not an experienced driver will heighten the chance of getting into a crash. Overall you can save time, and money by driving without distractions.

Top 5 distractions while driving:

  1. Cell phones
  2. Car stereo
  3. Passangers
  4. GPS devices
  5. Food and/or drink