What Could Happen?

As we all know living in New England can be a challenge weather wise. Here are just a few disasters to watch out for with your home:

  • ice wedging- when water gets into small spaces then freezes and expands it will cause damages. This is a way to split rocks, pry shingles off your house, and even damage trees.
  • roof collapse- snow is heavy and when it all  piles on top of your roof and freezes over it can cause damages from roof collapses to ice wedging
  • leaking- when your shingles get pried apart by ice wedging there is a possibility that water could leak into your house and causes serious damages including:
  1. electrical damages
  2. water stains
  3. damage floors
  4. damage other wood work within your house

This holiday season consider contacting Dreschers to help you cover yourself from all these disasters and more! contact us at 203.439.2815.