Fire Safety

Remember when you were little and all you wanted to do was help DAD start the fire. While as hard as that was putting it out is even worse. Fires need three things:

  • Fuel
  • Oxygen
  • Spark

All three elements are readily available in your house. Your toaster could turn into a fire starter at any moment using your entire house for fuel. I think we all agree that we should be educated on preventing fires and what to do if one should start. Education courses are most likely available at some public center in your town. Remember to:

  • create a meeting spot in case a fire should start, after all your family is the most valuable possession in your house.
  • make a list on items in your house and their value to help you with your insurance claim
  • lock important items such as passports in a fire proof vault

Whatever you may do to keep safe be sure to have CT home insurance. Not only will it give you coverage in case of a loss but it will also give you peace of mind; that you can rebuild your life financially after a fire. Insure your home to value, insuring the value of it in case of a total loss. For any questions call 203.439.2815 well help you out!