Reside in a Condo?

Reside in a Condo?

If you live in a condo or a townhouse then you have insurance needs they are just different from those of a homeowner. You own your individual condo but you also share ownership in the common areas of your building. Condominium insurance is there to provide coverage where condo associations do not.

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 Condo insurancewill cover the contents of your home and personal liability coverage in case someone is hurt on your property. Individual owners are responsible for much of their own unit and items that will not be covered include improvements you have made since you moved in. You will also need to cover your appliances, window coverings, clothing, electronics and all of the contents that make your life easier.

Your condo insurance policy will cover your valued possessions, but you will also need personal liability coverage to protect yourself against a law suit if someone is injured on your property. With your liability policy it will cover the medical bills if someone is injured while visiting your home. If you rent your unit this type of coverage is crucial.

As you can read the importance of owning condo insurance is high and keeping your home protected is well worth it.