During the Disaster

During the Disaster

During a catastrophic event you will
always want to remember a few things in order to stay alive. For one thing be
someplace safer that coordinates with the disaster at hand. For example, if an
earthquake is coming you would hide under something solid like a desk or a
table. You would want to hide somewhere completely different in the case of a
flood; chose your safe zone carefully. Be sure you have a kit stored away with
essentials incase you are stuck for several days.

Here is what you need to do:

to your portable radio for important updates and instructions from local
Remember to have a battery-powered radio in your survival kit.

shelter during the disaster.
Go to a safe area such as an interior room, closet or downstairs bathroom.

power is lost, use a generator with caution.
Make sure conditions are safe before operating a portable generator. Only
operate it outside — away from windows, doors or vents.

in your safe area until the danger has passed.
Resist the temptation to check on your property until you are sure it is safe
to do so

Be sure to have Connecticut insurance to
protect your property after the disaster. Make sure your homeowners insurance
insures your home to value in case of a disaster, also if you own a business make sure to have business owners insurance. Be sure to check what you are
at risk for in your area and obtain the proper insurance. For example buy flood
if you live in a coastal area. If you need help contact an agent
today at 203.439.2815.