Plan an Evacuation Plan

Plan an Evacuation Plan

Getting out
of a dangerous situation is imperative. Natural instincts kick in and
adrenaline rushes to the body. You feel nervous but you must remember your
plan. If you do not have one you may find yourself lost without direction.
Creating a plan is simple and will help you survive situations from fires to

Here are a
few steps:

a place for all family members to meet.
 Make sure the meeting place is outside the impacted

Map out an evacuation route. While there may be one well traveled
route to your meeting place, make sure you have alternate routes mapped out in
case your main route is blocked.

Decide how family members will communicate if separated. Have
alternate communication plans with which everyone is comfortable in case there
is no phone service. Obtain cell phone numbers for texting; often times text
messages will go through when cell service is compromised.

Keep fuel in your car. Determine how much fuel you will need to
reach your meeting place.

Identify a contact person outside the affected area. Give their
contact information to everyone in the family

If an evacuation is necessary, it
will usually be announced by local officials via the media. Be sure your
survival kit includes a portable radio or television and fresh batteries to
ensure you can get the most up-to-date information if faced with an evacuation.

Make sure to
have Connecticut insurance on all your personal possessions to protect against
fires flood etc. Having Connecticut auto insurance and Connecticut homeowners
will help you get back on your feet financially after the disaster.
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