Time on the Water

Time on the Water

Image from roundamerica.com

Now that we are almost in May we start thinking about our summers and what to do for the weekends, where to take the kids, where to get away with friends, where to spend time with our spouses. What makes it better is if we have a boat we can just jump on and take off for a day on the water. A day on the water is relaxing and even taking the little ones along is fun because of the water sports that can be done. Growing up my dad always had a boat and some of my funnest childhood memories are on that boat, from tubing, waterskiing, to just anchoring and swimming they were always great days.

While all this fun is to be had one important thing to remember is watercraft insurance.

 Watercraft Insurancehas the following coverage:

  • Medical Payments – If you get hurt on the water.
  • Physical Damage – Optional but takes care of boat, motor, and trailer.
  • Liability – In case involved in an accident.

Spending money on a boat is a big investment and making sure it has watercraft insurance is something to consider so you can think about having a good time on the water rather than the what ifs.