Baby Be Safe

September is national Baby Safety Month and we should all celebrate accordingly. Although you should try and keep babies safe at all time of the year today we shall recognize how one can keep the future generation safe from harms way:
-Keep your eye on your baby: never let them wander by themselves especially outside, near a street, or in a public setting.
-Baby proof your house: even if you do have a child if you expect one to be coming over put away sharp objects, potentially painful things, and all suspected dangers to a little one.
-When cooking do not leave a pan handle so it is hovering over the end of the stove: if a baby or toddler grabs this and pulls it down in can spill got materials all over them and have a heavy metal pan damage their head. A baby’s head is softer than outs and should be treated with extra special care.
-When holding a baby try to sit as much as possible to reduce the risk of dropping them: If you are sitting you cannot stumble over your feet and harm the baby; it is safer to sit with the baby than walk around with it.
-Cut up food:large food items present a particular choking hazard, when I was little I chocked on a gumball from a Popsicle; watch out for potentially hazardous food items.
-Insure your baby: not in just telling it things will be alright but make sure you have it covered under your policy. You want to make sure you can afford the proper medical care if something should happen, if you need a regular check-up, or you’re  overly concerned as parents of a newborn should be. Baby’s have weak immune systems and are more prone to diseases, they are more feeble and more likely to get hurt so make sure they are covered.
-Do not over cover your baby: your toddler does not need collision on his/her hot-wheels.
For any questions regarding insurance call Ion Insurance today at 203.439.2815 we will make sure your little  one is covered properly.